The creation of AVANT

Avant Science Company was established in 2020, amid the pandemic. Where COVID-19 had taken over the world; an unprecedented crisis faced Hong Kong’s public health and healthcare system. A group of young professionals felt that they owed it to the society to contribute their part. 

Avant focuses on designing and manufacturing quality and affordable medical products, providing state-of-the-art medical lighting to overseas markets. It is Avant’s aspiration to provide the shot in the arm that the overloaded public healthcare system needs, and be a reliable source of top-notch quality products.

It is one small step for Avant, and hopefully, sooner or later, one leap for our society.

Our vision

As such technologies as biomedical engineering and artificial intelligence (A.I.) advance, the world is welcoming an array of new ones from time to time, each one more cutting-edge than the last. Hong Kong has been one of the most important global trade centres and import/export hub of technology. The young vibrant team at Avant avail themselves of such an advantage; with profound knowledge in the industry and global vision, they design and manufacture affordable medical products for all, and introduce the latest technology to the local market in preparation for even bigger challenges ahead.