The creation of AVANT

Avant Science Company (Zhiyan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2020 in the “epidemic” environment. The new crown pneumonia has swept the world and brought an unprecedented crisis to Hong Kong’s medical and public health. It has inspired a group of young people in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry to shoulder social responsibilities and determined to take the first step to develop locally produced high-quality medical masks. Later, based on this, with enthusiasm and ideals, I hope to make contributions to the future of Hong Kong’s healthcare industry and products

Avant focuses on the design and production of popular medical products, and is the agent of overseas advanced medical equipment and biochemical reagents, hoping to relieve the pressure on Hong Kong’s medical system and provide the industry with a convenient and high-quality source of products.

Our vision

Global biomedical and artificial intelligence technologies are becoming more and more mature. Every year, forward-looking new technologies in different fields are released. As an important import and export port in the world, Hong Kong is also a receiving and transfer station for advanced technology. The Avant elite team has focused on and grasped this advantage. With its young courage, professional knowledge and international vision, Hong Kong designs and produces a series of popular medical care. Products, and the introduction of different kinds of new and practical technologies from all over the world, including medical equipment, biochemical reagents, etc., hope to relieve the burden of the medical system and the medical needs associated with the aging trend of the population. Make early preparations to meet the greater challenges in the future .