Medical mask production

All Avant disposable medical masks meet the environmental requirements of NEBB ISO8 level in the United States, in order to meet the hygiene standards of medical masks

We currently produce general level ASTM level 1 and highest level ASTM level 3 masks (both meet the highest European standard EN14683 Type IIR), and supply them to medical institutions, educational institutions, construction companies and other professionals in a stable manner.

​We also attach great importance to the cost-effectiveness of masks and hope to provide the public with the best quality protection at a reasonable price

Medical mask OEM production

Avant has factory facilities, production equipment and materials that meet international standards. Therefore, we also provide customized production services for customers. Customers can freely customize styles, patterns, patterns, etc., while also complying with international medical standards.

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Procurement and consulting services

We provide procurement and consulting services for medical supplies, ranging from ordinary medical products to professional in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) in-vitro diagnostic (IVD)

The Avant team has professional experience and knowledge on different scientific aspects (such as biotechnology and chemistry), and can effectively purchase potential and valuable medical products to meet the needs of different customers

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