Hygienic environment is very important to the medical industry. Our goal is to try our best to reduce the pollution of products by particles and microorganisms in the air, so as to keep the products clean and quality

The production plant of Avant Science Company Ltd., has reached the ISO14644-1 level 8 qualification certificate issued by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau, which is the limit and the number of particles per square meter of 0.5μm and 5μm. Requirements to ensure that the production environment reaches the international medical level production level

ISO8 clean room certificate download

Incoming materials and incoming and outgoing inspection

The selection of materials and the inspection of products are extremely important to meet customer expectations and enterprise cost control, reduce loss and maximize output

Avant Science Company Ltd., purchased a number of testing instruments for ASTM mask specifications, to ensure that the incoming masks and finished products meet the specifications, and have more in-depth control over all details

Each batch of products to be shipped needs to pass a series of inspections, and can be shipped only after reaching the standard, so as to reduce the probability of product recalls due to non-compliance.