Electronics Distribution

In collaborating with CET Opto, Avant provides provides stable supply of electronics parts to tech companies and supply to different associations over worldwide; hospital, clinics, high-end technoology centre.We have been a great partner with medical institutions, engineering institutions, to saving cost with a balanced lighting performance. 

OEM Manufacturing Services

We provide OEM manufacturing service to multiple customer with our ISO certified manufacturing system. We can provide from detailed manufacrturing proposal to product performance analysis to product follow-up without adding extra cost. Please contract us via pressing the get quote in below.

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  Project consultation service

We provide project consultation service and preliminary research for product design house, prespective customer in medical industry, who are specialised in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) and medical lighting system
The Avant team has professional experience and knowledge on different scientific aspects (such as biotechnology and bioengineering), address the demand and requirement in the medical field to engage customer expectation
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